Leave no Trace

You have the Right to Expect Pristine Conditions, please give the people who follow you the same privilege.

· Litter – if you can carry it IN – you can carry it OUT – too many hikers do not follow this principle and expect someone else to do it.

· Noise – keep noise levels to a minimum, people come hiking to enjoy the peace and quiet.

· Ablutions – relieve yourselves at least 5 to 10 minutes walk away from any cave, tent site, hut, watercourse or path.

· Bury your toilet paper properly – it takes years to breakdown. Every hiking party should have a trowel or small spade to dig a cat hole and bury body waste.

· NO FIRES are allowed, even in caves – only use gas or liquid fuel cooking stoves.

· Washing of pots – do not use any soap in any streams, leave any leftover food well away from any water source or bury it properly.

· Do not pick flowers, it is an offence and carries a substantial fine.

· Graffiti  – don’t leave your name , messages etc on cave walls, rocks or at Rock Art sites.

· Rock Art – Do not touch, wet, trace, rub, clean or deface any Rock Art site. Heavy fines can be imposed for this.

· Paths – stay on the recognised path, do not take short cuts as this causes erosion. In most cases perceived “short cuts” are more strenuous, and could be more dangerous.

· Rocks – take care not to dislodge rocks or throw rocks down a cliff as there could be hikers below you, and could cause unnecessary erosion and rock slides.

· Take all the photos you want, leave only your footprints.

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