What is Backpacking

As a South African we understand “backpacking” to be an outdoor activity, over multiple days and sleeping in a tent or cave, where you carry all your equipment you might need in a backpack. However in Europe backpacking usually refers more to a touring trip, also called slackpacking in South Africa, where you will carry some clothing and food, but will travel from lodge to lodge.

The Benefits of Hiking

Hiking is one of the few hobbies that can be enjoyed as a whole family – good exercise, and an excellent way to spend family time together.

Family time – Our lives get busier every day and in turn leads to less time spent with family. By hiking together we are forced to slow down and reinforce the family bond. What is a better way to spend quality time with the family, while enjoying the great outdoors?

Exercise is good – As we are getting busier, we have less and less time to exercise. Hiking is a good way to get a day’s workout. Today we find that children are especially susceptible to becoming obese due to spending way too much time glued to their electronic devices. Hiking is a good way to get them off the couch and outdoors.

Stress relief – The exercise and focus needed for hiking on narrow paths, helps reduces stress and makes you feel much better about things. After a day’s hiking you will feel de-stressed and ready to face the world again.

Promote Mental Health – Time spent outdoors is known to be beneficial for good mental health and thus it makes sense that hiking not only helps heal the body but also the mind.

Your daily dose of Vitamin D – A 10 minute stroll can help your body generate your daily dose of Vitamin D, and a hiking trip is a great way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D.

An affordable hobby – Starting off should not cost you an arm or a leg, but you will need a good pair of hiking shoes, and petrol in your car to get to the venue.

A great way to explore nature – Most of us have lost our connection with nature and this in turn leads to feelings of despair and even depression. Going hiking releases endorphins that help us feel good about ourselves and in turn have a positive outcome in our lives.