Do fill in the Day Walk Register where it is available even if you are only going on a short walk and the Over Night Register for overnight trips. Not completing the register wastes valuable time in initiating a rescue operation.

Always record your return by signing out to avoid an unnecessary search taking place. Include a close friend or family member’s phone number on the register.

Planning: Plan your route and record it accurately in the Register and stick to your planned route.

Never hike alone: Recommended minimum group size of 4 people and maximum of 12.

Plan for unexpected eventualities: Even on a day hike carry some extra food, water, warm clothing and rain gear, a day walk can easily become an overnight hike if an emergency arises.

Do not take short cuts, the paths have been laid out to minimise erosion and our impact on the area. Short cuts lead to damaged vegetation together with heavy rain leads to the forming of erosion ducts.

Take all your litter back out with you. Do not try to bury it as the wild animals will dig it up later.

Toilets are not available on the trail and go before you start your walk. If you need to go carry out all your toilet paper with you. For a number two you will need a small shovel to dig a cat hole, about a 100 paces away from the path and any river.

Do not touch Bushman Paintings as the oils in our hands damages the paintings. Do not pour water on them to make them more visible, do not deface them or write your name next to them.

Do not roll rocks down the slopes, there might be people on a path below you that could get injured and it can also lead to erosion.

No fires or collecting of fire wood is allowed in the park. Uncontrolled fires can cause damaged to the environment and property and can lead to the loss of lives.

Admire the flowers but refrain from picking them.  All the flowers in the “Berg” are protected and the picking of them is a serious offence.

All visitors must keep their official Park entrance fee receipt with them.

Silver Protea/Sugarbush - Protea Roupelliae
Silver Protea/Sugarbush – Protea Roupelliae

Emergency Situations

Watch the weather: A bright sunny morning can end in a severe thunder storm with freezing conditions. Extreme weather condition combined with exhaustion can lead to dehydration (extreme heat), hyperthermia (extreme cold) and possibly death. Know the signs and seek shelter immediately, get into dry warm clothing give warm drinks (not alcohol) and seek help immediately.

Protect yourself adequately from not only extreme cold, but also from the sun.

In a thunderstorm don’t seek shelter directly under a solitary tree or rock, rather spread out and sit down, keeping yourself as low as possible.

Keep together only travel as fast as the slowest person in the group.

If you get lost stay together in a group and consider your options as a group. In poor visibility rather stay where you are and report your situation by cell phone rather earlier than later.

Carry a map of the area and know where you are on the map. This saves valuable time in a real emergency.

In case of a fire, seek refuge in a river, forest, or rocky area, or light the grass at 90° to the wind and move into the burned area. Fire burns very fast up a slope. On a flat area run through the fire at 90° to the flames, covering yourself with a jacket, hold your breath or breathe through your clothing.

Mountain Rivers can flood very quickly and even small streams can be dangerous to cross when flooded. Any strong flowing stream with a water level higher than ankle level can be potentially dangerous.

There are 3 potentially dangerous snakes in the area; the Puff Adder, Berg Adder and Rinkhals. The Rinkhals is able to spit and in case of poison in the eyes rinse immediately with water, milk or urine. In case of a snake bite, keep the injured person calm and reduce their movement and seek help immediately.

Do not apply a tourniquet, instead wrap the limb firmly, starting at the top in order to slow but not stop the blood circulation in the limb. The “Right to Risk” is yours to go where you like, but remember that a rescue team may have to risk their lives to save yours, so please act responsibly while enjoying the World Heritage Site.

Berg Adder - Bitis Atropos
Berg Adder – Bitis Atropos