Grade: Moderate to Difficult
Duration: 1 or 2 days
Total distance covered: ±12.2km
Total height gain: ±440m
(All distances should only be used as a guide line and a detailed route description will be supplied on confirmation of booking.)

What makes this special: This is without a doubt one of the greatest trails in the world where you will be able to get close to the second highest waterfall in the world.

The view over the escarpment

Route: Although this is by far one of the easiest routes to take to get on top of the escarpment, you should still be well prepared for severe mountain weather. It is known that storms can arrive without warning at any time of the year and it is not unknown to get snow in winter. Be well prepared with a warm jacket and rain wear even if it’s just a day outing. The Chain Ladders could be the most challenging part of the whole walk and anyone with a fear of heights should use the Gully as an alternative route.

Sunrise over Devil's Tooth
Sunrise over Devil’s Tooth

This walk is a popular overnight trip as well and a tent will be needed if you choose to sleep over. Sleeping over will allow you to experience most probably one of the best sunrises in South Africa.
The path starts at the Witsieshoek Car Park and follows the contour path towards the Witches and then swings towards the zigzags. The path has been upgraded with paving stones to help curb erosion, so stay on the path and don’t take short cuts as this leads to erosion. The path will lead up to the base of the Sentinel and veering to the right it gently climbs on a contour path following the base of the basalt cliffs towering over you.

Climbing up the Chain Ladders

Soon you will reach the Chain Ladders which is actually 4 ladders in total, that will lead you to the top of the escarpment. The first ladders were commissioned in 1930 by Otto Zunckel and later a second set was installed next to the old ones to help speed up the process of going up and down. For those with a fear of heights there is a path up the Sentinel Gully that will bypass the ladders and take you to the top without adding too much extra to your walk. The path will lead you to the top of the falls where you can find a number of vantage points to view the water tumbling down 614m into the basalt abyss below. Take care on a windy day as the wind can be very strong on this exposed plateau.

Escarpment Camp

Included: Park & overnight fees, rescue levy and first aid kit.
Excluded: All meals and snacks, stove & pots, sleeping bag, backpack, personal gear and equipment, personal medication and footwear.
Gear Hire is available.
Porters can be included at an additional cost.

Tugela Falls – 2nd highest falls in the world
Climbing up the Chain Ladders
Sunrise on the escarpment