Grade: Easy
Duration: 2 days
Total distance covered: ±14km
Total height gain: Â±550m
(All distances should only be used as a guide line and a detailed route description will be supplied on confirmation of booking.)

What makes this special: It is said that Wonder Valley Cave is one of the finest caves in the Drakensberg with very level floors and quite sheltered from storms, however water is quite a distance away. There is a excellent pool and small waterfall below the cave.

Route: This is easy walk from Injisuthi Camp on a good path and the short steep section up Van Heyningen’s Pass is a moderate climb and will take you through a enchanted forest with a number of stream crossings where you can have extended snack breaks. The path takes you to the top of the ridge and by following a food path to your left, you will come to a view point with some impressive views over the Injisuthi valley way below you. Looking towards the escarpment you will be greeted by an amazing view over the High Berg and in my opinion one of the best views in the Drakensberg.

Most of the path is easy to follow and follows the contour most of the way before dropping down to the cave. Wonder Valley Cave is actually not in the Wonder Valley, but rather in one of the tributaries. It does however overlook the Wonder Valley, which runs all the way up to Blindman’s Corner.

The cave is made up of two over hangs the first one being a bit smaller of the two and not that much used and about 5m further is the main cave. The cave can sleep 12 people with ease and is fairly level with loads of space to move around it. With being north facing, and a large enough overhang, it overs sufficient protections from rain except for the occasional summer thunder storm that could leave you a bit wet. Over the years the bushes in front of the cave has been broken and used for fire wood and this has unfortunately also limited some of the protection against wind.

A short walk down the valley will give you access to water and a big pool and plenty of rocks to sun yourself on. The water is cold year round but very refreshing on a warm summers day. Exploring in the valley above the pool, you will find another cave that can sleep 4 to 5 people in summer as most of the other potential sleeping areas is wet due to drips, this could be a better cave in winter. There is a feint food path leading from the cave towards a small water fall where you can take a “thunderous shower” as the water coming over the top can be quite substantial. Take care on the rocks as they can be very slippery.

Remember that it’s not allowed to make any fires in any Drakensberg cave.

Included: Park & overnight fees, rescue levy and first aid kit.
Excluded: All meals and snacks, stove & pots, sleeping bag, backpack, personal gear and equipment, personal medication and footwear.
Gear Hire available.